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We see significant potential for new investment in manufacturing in Alberta.

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Alberta’s Value-Added Industries

Alberta is blessed with an abundance of natural resources.


The production of those resources brings prosperity and benefits to Albertans. Adding value to our energy resources is the best way to capitalize on the development of Alberta's world scale feedstocks. Expanding and extending our product base from what we already do well, just makes good sense. Value added manufacturing amplifies that prosperity and diversifies our economic base, at the same time often serving a valuable role in reducing emissions. We can increase the worth of our resources, diversify our economy and manage our environmental footprint as we grow world class companies here in Alberta.


Environmental Stewardship of our Natural Resources

As we work to diversify our economy and add value to our natural resources, we are continually mindful of our environmental responsibilities. We are committed to responsible development and are using new technologies to improve processes and outcomes. We seek new ways to develop and upgrade our resources here in Alberta, further reducing our environmental footprint.


Innovation in the manufacturing sector has already led to emissions reduction, water conservation and a healthier environment. Research and development of technology that is more efficient and produces environmental benefits is ongoing. The responsible development and refining of Alberta’s resources is a commitment we all share to ensure a brighter future for all Albertans.


Maximizing the Value of Our Resources

Decades after their discovery, the potential in our province’s bitumen reserves is still staggering today. From additional tax revenues to much needed jobs, the oil sands remain an enormous opportunity to ensure an even better Alberta for generations to come. Making the most of that opportunity will require significantly more refining here at home, where we can maximize the value of the resource by creating high-demand products such as diesel.


Responsibly processing more bitumen in Alberta will create more jobs for Albertans, while managing our environmental footprint and creating products that can access world markets.

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