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Provide leadership, advocacy and trusted information to ensure Alberta is the number one jurisdiction to invest in.


A prosperous Alberta realizing full value from our energy resources.

C’mon Alberta, let’s build on our strengths.
The strength of our resources.

Doing more with our resources here at home, rather than selling them at a discount elsewhere, is the most responsible way to steward our wealth and grow our economy.

The strength of our people.

Energy processing and refining industries within the energy sector are the smart place to put the home-grown skills and talents of our people to work.

Our inner strengths.

Committed collaboration between industry, communities, and governments will help us get off the revenue roller coaster while optimizing Alberta’s greatest strengths.

Join the next generation of Alberta energy. Help us build on Alberta's inner strengths.


C'mon Alberta!

Diversifying Alberta’s economy is about doing more with oil and gas, not only developing industries outside of oil and gas.


Energy diversification means taking advantage of Alberta’s significant oil and gas resources and using them to make products we use every day, such as plastics, rubber, fertilizer, cleaner burning fuels and much more. Refining our resources and manufacturing products here in Alberta – rather than sending those resources out of province or out of the country – will provide stable jobs, tax revenue, and a place for Alberta’s future workforce to grow and prosper.


RDC members have proposed more than $26 billion in energy diversification projects that will create new industries and long-term, stable tax revenue for the province. They will also provide thousands of full-time construction jobs and thousands more highly paid manufacturing jobs.

In order for these projects to thrive, they require investment. Competition for investment in resource development is tight and Alberta is lagging behind its potential. Alberta received just $1 billion of a total $225 billion in new capital investment in the chemical and petrochemical industry in North America in recent years. Our province is competing for investment dollars with markets such as the U.S. Gulf Coast, that offer aggressive, well-established state and municipal incentives and also have abundant and low-cost feedstock, close proximity to markets and ports, and lower construction costs.


RDC is asking the Government of Alberta to put in place a Made-in-Alberta, long-term investment incentive program that creates a level playing field for investment in the industry and ensures the future of the value-added energy sector in the province. We are asking the government to #InvestInOurAlberta. Here’s how.


We need the support of Albertans who want to see Alberta grow and prosper by doing more with oil and gas here in our province.​

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