Providing Value

Diversification provides immense energy transition opportunities. Global demand for petrochemical products is expected to grow, and with the right policy framework, Alberta can capitalize on this growth.

Our member’s over $22B in proposed projects by 2031 are are primarily focused on decarbonization and the production of low-carbon fuels and polymers.

Providing Value For Albertans


of proposed projects


total direct jobs


in tax revenues


boost to Alberta's GDP

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These projects are a source of job creation, skills development, and building resilient communities across Alberta.

In the construction phase, which runs until 2031, these projects will create an average of 9,908 direct, indirect, and induced jobs annually during the construction phase, peaking at over 23,600 direct, indirect, and induced jobs in 2027.

In the operational phase, which is projected until 2044, these projects will create 5,112 direct, indirect, and induced jobs annually.

Facility under construction

These projects will be a significant source of tax revenue, providing $3.5B in taxes during the construction phase and $28.1B in the operational phase to municipalities, the province, and the country.

From 2025 to 2044, these projects will help create a reliable revenue stream, as these projects will increase Alberta’s annual corporate tax revenue by an average of 1.55%.